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Packing WM

I prefer tiling wms but I know that floating wms have advantages. I asked reddit what these advantages are.
Don't let window layout dictate window size (tiling wm).
Don't waste space all the time (floating wm).
*kx233* says,
sometimes you want to see a window on top of a non interesting chunk of another window (i used to watch movies while coding; i would have 1/4 of the eclipse window obstructed by mplayer)
*baconated* says,
A tiling WM doesn't really understand the context of the window that it tiles, so it often gives it a "wrong" amount of space. For example, a web browser should pretty much always be fullscreen (many websites scale poorly as you shrink the window) but a calculator shouldn't (it adds allot more mouse work compared to its natural size). Or what if you have that calculator open in scientific mode and the wm decides not to give it enough space so the buttons get to cramped and you can't even read them? Sure you could promote it to be the biggest window for 3 seconds then demote it back, but that is allot of effort (effort that circumvents the wm's raison d'ĂȘtre). Similarly if a window has deadspace, you can't position anything there. A tiling WM also can't make good use of muscle memory. If a window is always going to be a different size it is more difficult to learn to autoclick through it. I can open my file manager and make it to my movie folder without thinking. That is much harder to do with a tiling manager.
A packing window manager would be content aware. That is, size and shape of content dictates the layout, size and shape of windows. A packing wm would be tiling in the sense of not having gaps between windows. Windows should not necessarily be rectangular tiles. Overlap and clipping region would be conflated but is there a need to partially unmanage windows? User specifies how much of the content is exposed to the screen. This may work best on a touch interface where the user can easily draw an irregular division defining a region to expose and reflow/resize and a region to hide/clip.

Eventually I want to implement the packing wm for FlyingSquirrelOS.
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